2014/10/22 PM 6:36

Ceremony for the ASEAN Character Award 2014 was held on September 20, 2014

The ceremony for the ASEAN Character Award 2014 was officially conducted at International Conference Hall in Makuhari, Chiba Pref. from 11 am on September 20, 2014 with 4 awardees invited from ASEAN Member States.


<Grand Prix>

Bloody Bunny by Mr. Kris Nalamlieng (Thailand)

URL: http://www.2spotstudio.com/



<Second Prize>

Hebring by Ms. Marlin Sugama (Indonesia)

URL: http://www.main-studios.com


<Jury Special Awards>

ASVA by Mr. Ear Uy (Cambodia)

URL: https://osjastudio.com/


Salim & Silmy by Mr. Royas Amri Betian (Indonesia)

URL: http://www.disigndesign.com


2014/8/5 PM 4:19

Thank you for your applications to the ASEAN Character Award 2014!

Application is now closed, and all the characters applied shall be screened by a panel of judges in the field of animations, games and merchandising.  Please check the details on our screening system in the Entry Guidelines.

2014/6/3 AM 10:25

The ASEAN Character Award was established

The ASEAN Character Award was established by the ASEAN-Japan Centre and LLP ASEAN Creative Supporters for the first time this year in order to bring to light content creative capacities possessed by ASEAN member states which are hitherto less known in Japan.

This is going to be an annual contest focusing on characters which have been created by ACN members in animations, games, and merchandising. This event will be organised by the ASEAN-Japan Centre and administered by the LLP ASEAN Creative Supporters.

All characters nominated will be juried by the top-notch experts well versed with the Japanese content business including the chief editors of Japanese leading media.
An award ceremony will be held in September 20, 2014 (tentatively). A number of Japanese content companies will join the ceremony. Afterwards a networking event for business matching between awardees and Japanese companies will follow.